About Media By Prisca

Hi! I’m Prisca.

If you are looking to tell a story, I am excited to work with you! I love all types of digital art storytelling. Video, photo, blogs, etc.

But yes, you can still find me in a hammock with a good old fashion book.

I’m a huge people person. I enjoy small talk, yet I love getting deep at the same time. Also, if you have a subtle, dry wit – or are downright hilarious – yes, please. I need you in my life. I take myself way to serious, – I’m working on it.

Besides people: I can’t wait to spend time with my pets – or yours! Most of my childhood, I owned multiple pets. Chickens, cows, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, and finally horses when I was 14. Horses have been a lifelong passion for me. I love soaking up time with pets. Every eye has a glint with a secret behind it, each face uniquely and telling.

Why Hire Me?

  • Associate Degree in Digital Media Technology from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.
  • Experienced with video, photo, animation, audio, podcasting, and live broadcasting.

Those are the technical reasons. I’m also a team player, responsible, and personable.

What’s My Style?

I’m honing my style. Sometimes I like moody drama. Sometimes I’m all about bright, vivid color. I find style to be something I walk into. The subject, landscape, and atmosphere can already tell me so much about who they are and how I should feel. That can set the tone for how I shoot. Then the memory stays with me when I edit. I always aim for eye-catching.

I’ll let my portfolio do the talking now.

Let me know what you want to create!

Contact Me

You can reach me at priscaelzen@gmail.com