2100 Productions

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

January 2018: I began my internship with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s 2100 Productions located in Madison, Wisconsin. I was barely settled in before finding out I was flying to Anaheim, California (I’m not complaining!). I filmed conference b-roll, interviewed passionate students, and jotted ALL the industry tidbits I absorbed from the 2100 Productions team.

The House of Blues stage/lighting/audio team work like fascinating clockwork. Spent some time in awe. Also, it was my first time hearing the term green room and using one. That was cool – definitely showing what a newb I was.

(I gave it my all – except for an early morning jaunt to stick my toes in the Pacific Ocean… that turned into hours when I lost the rental car keys in the ocean… Now you know my most embarrassing secret.)

Flying back to Madison, I was exhausted – but what a thrilling way to start an internship!

The above video is the conference summary video. It was my top priority edit. 2100 Productions is structured and scheduled. Each video goes through a round of edits where the team critiques for improvement. I grew so much through the process.

The next 3 months were primarily spent holed up in an editing suite.

I edited the entire Ambition 18 conference. Speakers, student testimonies, performances, and promos. The complete list can be seen at: https://intervarsity.org/ambition-videos

The team also included me on their brainstorming, preproduction, and postproduction meetings. I learned so much about company branding and fine-tuning edits through that process. It’s kind of magical. My previous experience (through college and with Veriha Trucking) was as a one-woman-army aka jack-of-all-trades. Being part of a team dedicated to video was so special.

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Just for fun: iPhone photos.