College Projects

TCWeekly Intro Video

Director: Prisca Elzen

Drone: Brandon Mueller

Cameraman: Kyle Coronado

Editor: Rico Robbins

Intro Graphic: Jarrod Oettinger

Music by Calvin La Grow

Our City

Intro for a concept show.
Focused on animating masks and parenting layers.

Created as a final in After Effects class.
Dewolfe Music Licensed for NWTC class projects

NWTC – Civil Engineering (Program Overview)

Really enjoyed setting up the interview shots, taking cool b-roll, playing with pulled focus (a favorite shot of mine) – and the great team Evan and Alex were in producing this.

This was done for NWTC Video Production 2. Music by Dewolfe licensed for class projects.

Ariat Concept Ad

Concept of one of my favorite brands – Ariat.

Didn’t find ads that were only animations so the concept took a bit to come up with. Everything (except: Ariat symbol/CC rain effect/Text) is drawn with the pen tool as a mask.

This was a midterm in After Effects class.
Music by Dewolfe licencesd for NWTC class projects

Montage – Picnic Point

April is Sexual Assult Awareness Month
This became a very emotional and personal project as it developed. Be there for your friends.
Be aware of what may be going on.

Montage 3

NWTC – Printing Program Promo

After Effects – 3D photos

Programs used:
After Effects

Music by Dewolfe Music licensed to NWTC for class projects

Soundtrack Final

Prisca Elzen -Margaret Tate
Raymond B. -Andrew Paxton
Billy M. -Bob Spaulding
Jared B. -Jordan
Kersytn L. and Leah D. as office ladies

  • ADR (automated dialogue replacement
  • SFX: Apple Loops /
  • Music Bed: Witches Brew/Double Trouble/Always Trouble from DeWolfe Music and licensed for NWTC class projects.
  • All audio replaced for education.

Nature – TV bumper

Photo Animation in After Effects.

Music by DeWolfe Music licensed for class project use.

Photos from

Montage – Breakfast

Cooking breakfast montage.

Music by Dewolfe Music licensed for class projects.

Thank you Kangaroovindaloo for providing great rooster sfx.

Montage – Card Game

What fun shooting UW – Stevens Point’s Intervarsity Chapter playing cards at Winter Conference! Thanks for being such fun subjects.

Music by DeWolfe Music licensed for NWTC class projects

Ballroom Dance Club Promo

Goal was to design a 10 second Motion project with a real world purpose. I chose to do it for the Ballroom Dance Club on campus.

Bird In Christmas Tree – Animated Two Layer Photo

Photo cut in Photoshop
Two layer keyframe animation in Motion

Airplane Smoke Heart

Really pleased with how this turned out! Learning exciting things in Motion.

Particle Emitter in Motion

Music by DeWolfe Music – Licensed to NWTC for Student Project use

Stalker (a short film)

Using various settings on Canon 70D camera to create a story.

Smart Water Commercial (Animatics)

Smart Water Commercial Animatics for Film PreProduction Class.

PSA – Boys and Girls Club

Public Service Announcement project for NWTC video production and editing class.

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