Lone Wolf Music Video

Absolutely loved the opportunity to be a grip / production assistant for Cyclops Girl on this video. Let me gush for a minute. First you should watch the video though!

Can we take a moment to appreciate Rändi Fay for her vocals – and both her and Troy for their acting?

While I’m at it I need to gush over the lens flares. The preproduction of the shoot was so well done by Jocelyne and we were able to stay super close to schedule. Which resulted in ABSOLUTELY AMAZING LIGHTING FOR THE WHOLE VIDEO!!! It really is perfection.

Also there were horses! Which just made me happy. I feel so lucky to be able to do work where I am surrounded by beauty and talent.

And now for a shot I’m particularly proud of. Because that beautiful morning light streaming in the window? That was me holding a light. I held light in other shots too but for some reason this one is just special to me. Maybe because it was so close up yet looks so real.

I also love this shot. The water drip was something several of us noticed and thought would be a nice ambiance and cinematographer Nate obliged. He deserves a lot of credit for all his camera work. He really brought the whole video to a superb level with every shot.

And how about Rachel’s drone footage? Talk about epic!

I think I need a moment. Just when I think Wisconsin can’t be any more beautiful it surprises me.

And so do the amazing creative people! What an absolutely phenomenal creative team with beautiful hearts to work with. Their passion and talent shines through and I feel so blessed to have been a part of this project with them.

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