Veriha Trucking

I am so grateful for all the amazing Veriha employees. Drivers. Shop. Office. Thank you for making my work a joy! Interning with Veriha Trucking allowed me to hone my skills and learn new things. Amazing and humbling.

Intern Orientation

First video I created during orientation – still by far my favorite.

Also let’s give credit where credit is due! Almost all music used was by – who I think is just genius.

Driver Recruitment Video

This video was originally done by Northcoast Productions in Green Bay, WI. Veriha Trucking had me update the graphics, add b-roll, and interview new drivers. How fun is that!? A lot.

The drivers had so many cool stories!

L-3 Truck Driving Simulator

Montage of an exciting day! The L-3 Simulator arrived.

Shoutout to the safety team for their patience driving through so many scenarios. Still laughing about the ending of this video…

Driver Appreciation Week

Loved seeing Veriha go all out for Driver Appreciation week. This was the most memorable video of the week for me. Turns out if you are not a TV personality/professional YouTuber it can be extremely tough to stare down the camera. I think their sincerity shows.

Community Videos

The next three videos are fun, casual videos to highlight serving the community through awareness and volunteering.

My photos got printed on canvas!!!

Disclaimer: This video is not created by me. However I have to share, because at 0:28 you can see my photos printed on canvas.

Go ahead and think I’m crazy. I don’t even care. Seeing my photos in print around the office was something I hadn’t imagined, but thankfully others had the foresight. When they were hung it was such a fulfilling feeling – that I still geek out about!


Digital photos and video for social media. Photos printed for wall displays, driver thank you cards, and Christmas cards. Interviewing drivers, exploring new editing techniques, and creating animated graphics. What a whirlwind. I enjoyed my time with Veriha Trucking so much, and am deeply grateful for the opportunity.